The conference
Language and Society on the Threshold of the New Millenium:
Results and Prospects
(Moscow, Tuesday, October 23 - Friday, October 26, 2001)

Information Letter

Dear Colleagues,

       Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation begins to give visas to international conferences participants not earlier than a month before the beginning of the conference. Unfortunately, till that time we cannot render assistance in getting visa.
       Please apply to Russian embassy or consulate general for visa at the beginning of October. If you wish to extend your visit to see some other Russian cities and regions, please inform us in advance. Well help you to realize your travel plans around Russia.
       In case youre out of your home country by the beginning of October, you can get visa at Russian embassy or consulate general in any country, but be sure to notify us of your residence.
       If you have questions feel free to contact us.

       Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow.

Organizing Committee
NB Registration fee to be made on arrival!

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